Nintendo NX to Resemble Samsung Hardware, Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo NX to Resemble Samsung Hardware, Nintendo 2DS: Report

Another week, another Nintendo NX rumour. This time, industry tipster Geno who has a surprisingly solid track record chimes in with what to expect from the House of Mario’s next console.

“I don’t have many details on the device itself but I do have some background for it and some PR techniques they will use for it. A thing to note about this device is that much of its production was started in 2014 and many [sic] of the stuff I list here was outlined by the late Satoru Iwata before his passing. Hence in the company, the NX is considered the last project of their late president,” the insidersaid in conversation with Dual Pixels. “Employees since his passing utter a phrase at the end of meetings and during idea brainstorms which is “岩田のために!” which roughly translates “For Iwata!””

According to Geno, motivation at Nintendo is high to deliver a top-notch console.

“The importance of this is that this “new” Nintendo is highly motivated in delivering a fantastic system and games, something that I quote from an employee “have not seen this much forward momentum on a project since they launched the original Famicom”,” the post continues.

Geno went on to outline six potential Nintendo NX features. Here they are:

  1. It features an advanced iteration of the streaming technology seen in the Wii U. Users can pull out a wireless HDMI dongle attached to its back and insert it into a device with an HDMI output.
  2. Analogue controls have small motors for full haptic feedback. What this means is, if you hit a wall in a game or fire a gun, you’ll get a larger amount of feedback from the controller as the sticks would move away from the direction you’re going in, allowing for greater resistance.
  3. Bluetooth sync across devices so you can take calls and get texts on your console without having to get to your smartphone.
  4. In terms of power, it’s comparable to the Xbox One. Games made for Android OS or in Unreal Engine 4 can run with almost no changes to the source code. “It’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works,” claims one of Geno’s sources. This could possibly explain why some third-party developers don’t have developer kits yet.
  5. Augmented Reality (AR) and multiplayer features will evolve beyond what we’ve come to expect. Pokemon Go will be an example of what to expect.
  6. Usability and ease of use are key tenets of the Nintendo NX. NintendOS is what its operating system is called and it visually and functionally resemble the Nintendo 2DS and something Samsung would make.

Like most rumours, we’d suggest taking this with metric tons of salt despite Geno’s past accuracy. Hopefully we’ll hear something from Nintendo soon.

PlayStation TV Discontinued in Japan. Other Regions to Follow?

PlayStation TV Discontinued in Japan. Other Regions to Follow?

PlayStation TV (PSTV) – Sony’s attempt at having a presence in the micro-console space – seems to be on the way out. While the company has not made an official announcement, eagle-eyed industry enthusiasts at NeoGAF noted that the official Sony Japan website mentions “end of shipments (translated)”. What this indicates is that the device is discontinued in the country.

This should come as no surprise. The PlayStation TV has been relegated to bargain bin status in stores the world over. For a substantial period of time, you could buy one in the US for $20 (around Rs. 1,400).

In India it retailed for Rs. 9,990 with four games, a PS3 controller, and an 8GB memory card. Though that might sound like a decent proposition, it’s a poor buy what with an 8GB memory card being barely hold four PS Vita games and cost in excess of Rs. 2,000 each, the value proposition doesn’t look as pretty.

It’s something most Indian gamers have realised as well. Take a cursory glance at most game stores and you’ll notice launch day PSTVs hidden under a thick layer of dust. So poor was the response that Sony hasn’t bothered bringing new shipments in after the initial lot.

All of this indicates that it’s just a matter of time before Sony pulls the plug on the PSTV the world over. What does this mean to you? Well, if you’re looking to pick up a device that lets you play PS Vita games on a big screen, act fast.