Sony Announces First iPhone and Android Games Including Hot Shots Golf, Yo-kai Watch, Project Field, and More

Last month we reported that Sony would be announcing renewed efforts in mobile gaming via its newly created studio ForwardWorks. At an event in Japan, the company unveiled what could be expected in the year to come.

Classic original PlayStation role-playing games such as Arc The Lad and Wild Arms will see mobile variants as would Parappa The Rapper — a rhythm game for the original PlayStation as well. Hot Shot Golfs will see an entry on mobile as would strategy role-playing game franchise Disgaea.

Sony Announces First iPhone and Android Games Including Hot Shots Golf, Yo-kai Watch, Project Field, and MoreOther announcements include Project Field — a card collection platform where actual physical cards will work with a smartphone app (pictured above). Yo-Kai Watch for mobile will be a part of this. The series is exceedingly popular in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS with entries selling as well as Pokemon.

Square Enix will also work with ForwardWorks on a joint project. Details will be announced at a later date.
Sony PlayStation games coming to Android and iOS:
Hot Shots Golf
No Heroes Allowed! DASH!
Arc The Lad Wild Arms
Doko Demo Issho
Boku no Natsuyasumi
Sora to Umi no Aida (translates to The Space Between Sora and Umi, a new IP helmed by Sakura Wars creator Oji Hiroi)
Safe to say, these will be initially for Japan and certain parts of Asia, with a global rollout afterwards. Barring Project Field and Yo-Kai Watch for Project Field, everything else has graced PlayStation consoles in one way or another.
yokai watch yo-kai_watch

In the past Run Sackboy! Run! a spin-off of popular PlayStation platformer LittleBigPlanet graced mobile devices as did Knack’s Quest and Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus. There have been a host of companion apps as well for games like Beyond: Two Souls, SingStar, and Until Dawn.

This time around, its efforts appear to be directed towards revenue generation rather than the aforementioned games and apps that were meant for promotional purposes.

“ForwardWorks will leverage the intellectual property of the numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and its gaming characters as well as the knowledge and know-how of gaming development expertise which was acquired over the years with PlayStation business to provide gaming application optimised for smart devices including smartphones to users in Japan and Asia. The company will aim to deliver users with opportunity to casually enjoy full-fledged game titles in the new filed of the smart device market,” a press release from the company read when it announced the formation of ForwardWorks.

Flipkart launches commerce advertising platform, goes live with 50 leading brands

Flipkart has launched its Brand Story Ads on the mobile app with over 50 leading brands on board. Brands including Yes Bank, L’Oreal, Micromax, Intel, Gillette, Datsun and Sony have already signed up on the platform to launch their ad campaigns.

Brand Story Ads is a native, interactive story format with content images and product guides that enables brands to tell their stories in a crisp and impactful manner. In the initial phase, the campaigns will focus on awareness creation with brand story and category pages. This will be extended to product listings, checkouts and other areas.

Along with brands that retail on Flipkart (first party brands), this service will also be available to other non-retailing brands (third party brands) in sectors like real estate, FMCG, BFSI, auto, and telecom etc.

With the launch of Brand Story Ads, Flipkart has ventured into Commerce Advertising. Commerce Advertising delivers a holistic view of consumer’s purchase journey post ad interactions and highlight effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

Ravi Garikipati, senior vice president, Flipkart, said, “With Brand Story Ads — we are offering a platform where the brands can target and engage with largest qualified commerce audience in the country at the right time for the right intent. Thus, the propensity to click on the advertisement is only higher and stronger. The magnitude of consumer traffic and intelligent data insights on online shopping behavior gives Flipkart the edge to provide larger reach, impact and measurability.”
Mobile advertising in India is fast gaining momentum through increasing popularity of variousapps and mobile sites. The mobile advertising spends are expected to account for 15-20% of the overall media expenditure by 2020 according to a report by Deloitte. India is one of the leading markets worldwide in which ad spend will grow at a double-digit rate annually.
Flipkart ventured into the online advertising space last year with the introduction of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to enable sellers on the platform gain more visibility and reach a larger customer base. Now with further enhancement to its advertising portfolio, Flipkart is looking to help brands engage with customers in a much meaningful and efficient way.

Sony may be planning to launch VR Glove for PlayStation 5

Sony Computer Entertainment has reportedly filed a patent for a glove that can interact with objects in virtual reality world. Sony Computer Entertainment has reportedly filed a patent for a glove that can interact with objects in virtual reality world.
Seems Sony is planning to give gamers an altogether different experience of virtual reality. Sony Computer Entertainment has reportedly filed a patent for a glove that can interact with objects in virtual reality world.

Spotted first by NeoGaf user Rosti, the patent suggests that the Japanese company may be looking at a new way to interact with PlayStation. Media reports suggests that the glove would be able to track position of gamers’ fingers. This means that gamers may be able to see what their hands are doing in real-time within VR.

According to a report in, “It could also detect pressure and wrist movement, and include rumble feedback to create a sense of touch to go with the visuals.”

Sony is scheduled to host a PlayStation VR event on March 15. The company has sent out invites for a press conference focused on the virtual reality headset. The invite-only event is part of the Games Developers Conference.

Virtual reality (VR) is expected to become a $1 billion global business. HTC’s Vive VR headset was one of the key highlights of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Vive recently went on pre-order at a cost of $799 per unit.
South Korean tech giants Samsung Electronics and LG recently unveiled new smartphones with better cameras and turned to virtual reality to boost interest in their headsets at a time of slowing sales.
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise appearance at the Samsung press conference to announce a partnership with the South Korean firm to promote the use of virtual reality on the social network.