Image result for Facebook Messenger 98 update download availableFacebook’s messaging application, Facebook Messenger, recently got a new beta version. The version is now available for download. With the new version, users can now see their call history and missed calls -— all in one place.

Other features include

* Group chats
* Photos and videos
* Voice and video calls* Stickers;
* Preview your gallery photos and videos without leaving the conversation
* Record voice messages


How to install

To install Facebook Messenger on Facebook Messenger Version For on an Android device, users need to open the Google Play Store, search for the application and click on the install button. Once the installation is complete, users can open the app and go chatting.


In another related development, Facebook Messenger can now work in Android Auto. This means that Android Auto users can now listen to and reply to texts from friends on Messenger using voice commands.


The announcement from the social network came close on the heels of Google’s announcement that its in-car infotainment platform Android Auto can now function as a standalone mobile app.

Here’s how it works as per Facebook: If you have Messenger installed on your Android device, you’ll be able to listen to and respond to messages through the Android Auto mobile app or supported vehicle display. Android Auto will play your messages for you; simply touch the speaker icon to hear the message read aloud. Drivers can give Android Auto voice commands to reply or message a friend on Messenger – no typing involved. You can also touch a “I’m driving right now” button to quickly send this message as a reply.