League of Legends Most Popular Game Modes Detailed

Riot Games has given League of Legends fans a peek into the most popular game modes across South Korea, North America, and Brazil. In a developer post on Wednesday, League of Legends’ design director Andrei van Roon shared a bar graph that provides a breakdown of time spent in early September across 10 playlists.

In South Korea, solo/ duo ranked matches in Summoner’s Rift is the most popular option with nearly half the hours spent there. League of Legends players in Brazil and North America were most involved in Summoner’s Rift ‘Normals’ during September, the graph shows, with the former leading the latter by a few percentage points. Given South Korea’s heavy game time in solo/duo ranked, they are naturally behind in ‘Normals’, van Roon noted.

South Koreans also seem to have no interest in Twisted Treeline game modes, be it co-op versus AI, ranked, or ‘Normals’. North America preferred ‘Normals’ out of those three during the period measured, while the region was neck-and-neck with Brazil for Twisted Treeline ranked. It’s unclear if this data is indicative of historical patterns.

All Random All Mid, usually known by the acronym ‘ARAM’ in the League of Legends community, is the third most popular playlist behind Summoner’s Rift ranked and ‘Normals’. South Korea and North America spent similar hours, while Brazil was a little behind given the cumulative hours spent in Summoner’s Rift ranked and ‘Normals’.

Another interesting nugget of info, van Roon pointed out, was that North American players spend less time in Summoner’s Rift Flex than the other two regions, while they are the biggest fans of Nexus Blitz game mode. Additionally, he said that Brazil being new to the community is why they have more hours in ‘Normals’ and co-op versus AI than average and less in ARAM.

League of Legends is one of the most popular online multiplayer games and e-sports titles, with the latest tournament drawing 127 million unique viewers.

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